plastic detox

establishing habits and routines

I have been trying to carry on with my #plasticfreeJanuary and when items need replacing have sought plastic free when i can.  I had tried BioD and wanted to see how well other brands worked.  While searching came across Mangle & Wringer, natural, non toxic cleaning remedy. The bathroom balm is brilliant, easy to use, works so well and not a spray in sight.  The laundry powder and bleach made washing whites simple and the natural bleech can be used all over the house.  The items were well packaged and plastic free, just delighted and will carry on using this.

I’ve also making the change from pump liquid soap to bars of natural soap, the bars i found are from Baileys Home and Garden in Ross-on-Wye.  Really lovely soap and have no packaging, making them a fabulous zero waste purchase.  My second delivery of Who gives a crap arrived and is a brilliant plastic free product, although the box is huge!  Gradually finding new products, cotton floor cloths to replace old well-worn microfiber cloths (Baileys Home and Garden).  Labour and Wait also have a good range of natural cleaning products.  And with all this cleaning my poor hands need a little care and pampering, found a plastic free intensive shea butter cream at L’Occitane.

If you have any plastic free tips, do share!

I have bought all these products and this is not a sponsored post.

All views are my own.


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