Christmas Gifts to make for children

Trying to reduce plastic waste with children’s gifts is so very difficult and depending on the child’s age it can be difficult to make what they most want.  My daughter and nephews all love dressing up clothes and I love making them.  So below are just a few fun makes.

mary poppins

Mary Poppins doll & clothes

With the new Mary Poppins film due out next year this adorable PDF pattern would be a fu make.

t bear

Teddy bear

This super smart bear pattern comes with the clothes patterns.  Would be great fun to make the clothes to match its new owner as well.

Rag dolls for every occasion.  Top left is a lovely Alice doll & clothes.  Top right is a superhero boy & girl.  Bottom is Scout and her sausage dog.

Super softies.  The mouse is adorable, complete with the papier mache boat.   Velvet Elephant, and sweet bear.

Fancy dress clothes are always a winner!  Top left wings, girls cloakJedi, Knight, Sir Gawain and unicorn mask.

And finally some super hot water bottle cosies and Playhouse tent.  The kitbag bag is from Dandy star, but one could make the bag or buy a plain kitbag and add on some fabulous patches and pins.  That would make a great bag for girls or boys and also appeal to Tweens and Teens.


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